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Crochet for Beginners: Extension      Perth
Hosted by Classie.com.au
If you like crochet, and you enjoy mingling, then you’ll love these extension classes with Classie.

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Saturday the 3rd of March 2018
Advanced Granny Square
$59pp     open
Time: Saturday 2:00pm
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Maylands

If you have previously taken our Crochet for Beginners: Granny Square class, the Crochet for Beginners: Extension classes offer the opportunity to further indulge in your favourite hobby over a cup of tea or coffee.

This class is designed for those who have a little experience with a crochet hook and are familiar with the basic stitches - double and treble crochets, chain stitch, slip stitch, and their abbreviations. The class will include changing colours, reading a pattern and slightly more advanced stitches. Each Extension class will focus on a specific project, creating a more advanced Granny Square, a Crochet Bowl, or an Amigurumi Mouse, offering the next challenging step after Crochet for Beginners.

Working in a group of fellow crochet-lovers will give you the motivation you need to improve your skills and create a masterpiece.

Our skilled host will be on hand to help you and offer advice as you work on the project. You will also be provided with all the equipment on the day, including an aluminium hook, patterns, and a ball of yarn.

A standard non-alcoholic beverage is also included as part of the class price.

Any child under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

This class requires a minimum of four participants to go ahead.

If you prefer to go back back to crochet basics, take a look at our Crochet for Beginners: Granny Square.
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Upcoming Dates
Bookings close 2 days prior
Saturday the 3rd of March 2018
Advanced Granny Square
$59pp     open
Saturday the 17th of March 2018
Crochet Bowl
$59pp     7 places left
Saturday the 7th of April 2018
Amigurumi Mouse
$59pp     open
Refund Policy: Full refunds given with 5 days notice. Dates can be changed with 3 days notice. Please be advised that although we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent Classie's service and products, venues are subject to availability, and we reserve the right to make changes to all classes.
4.7/5 from 42 reviews
I really enjoyed the class Cheryl is a great teacher full of enthusiasm and passion for crochet Nothing was too much for Cheryl during the class I found the personal help really good as well as group demonstration Thanks Cheryl I am looking forward to your next class
5/5 by Jane Birman
The most precious time is that spent with my daughter. It is difficult to find activities that both a young teen and an adult can access together. The Classie crochet classes are brilliant and both of us had a great time learning together. The classes allow us to move at our own speed and my daughter says she loves seeing that women of all ages can laugh through a challenge! Thank you to Cheryl for your patience and humour. This was our second class and we will be back again.
5/5 by Anna Davila
It was a fun friendly class and I would recommend to other ladies
4/5 by Janine McKenna
Loved it, Cheryl was very helpful and informative. I would recommend this class to all my friends
5/5 by Donna Foster
Shirley was an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and a nice style. Will definitely go to one of her classes again 😃
5/5 by Mel Stibbs

5/5 by Shirley Primeau
Good pre planning and the event was well organised.
4/5 by Ann Batini

4/5 by Jenny Grant
The instructor was very encouraging and helpful.
5/5 by Sharon Walters
Great. 3 hours goes really fast. Cheryl is very accomplished and very generous with her time. I have learnt a lot and would be confident to take on a large project now. Great coffee.
5/5 by Sandra Wilson
Good extension class- added to skills learnt in beginners course. Cheryl was excellent- knowledgeable and patient and proactive. She also provided an outstanding handout to takeaway so you don't forget what you've learnt.
5/5 by Megan Francis
I really enjoyed learning different stitches and having the support to answer questions.
4/5 by Melissa Hutchinson
Really enjoyed the lesson and the generous assistance of Cheryl.
5/5 by Carrie Cox
Loved it always such a lovely group of people and an excellent teacher. Worth going to on a long weekend for Cheryl's class.
5/5 by Fiona rodrigues
I have attended four Classie Classes three with Cheryl and I have learnt so much about crochet. Cheryl always makes you feel welcome and spends time with each person. Looking forward to the next group of classes, 10/10 Classie Well Done Cheryl I have learnt so much in your classes! Debbie Finn
5/5 by Debbie Finn
A great afternoon, learnt a new stitch and completed my project. Cheryl is a lovely lady and a very good teacher, she's polite,patient and very easy to understand when giving instructions. The size of the class was small but I really enjoyed it as I think the first class I did had ten members and was too large. I believe for me I enjoy the classes a bit smaller I think 6 to 8 is a good size. Looking forward to June class!
5/5 by Debbie Finn
It was really cool to learn more advanced crochet
5/5 by Melissa Hutchinson
Cheryl was a great instructor, class was lots of fun and instructions easy to follow.
5/5 by Andy Howell
Fantastic afternoon shared with lovely ladies learning something new. Cheryl was wonderful and had time for is all. Thankyoi
5/5 by Fiona rodrigues
I enjoyed my afternoon, the teacher was most helpful and being the only person in the class I received some excellent advice & tuition.
5/5 by Leonie Brandt
This was a great crochet extension. I learned the things that I had not been able to do after the beginning classes, like the magic circle. I asked to also work on my tension and then a slipper pattern. It was enjoyable and I found that I learned lots of tips that will help me continue to crochet more difficult items.
5/5 by Suzanne Rose
I really enjoyed the event, especially as there were not too many people there.
5/5 by Jennifer Grant
Sandra was fantastic, welcoming, friendly, approachable, gave good explanations and demonstrations. An enjoyable afternoon.
5/5 by Hazel Dickinson
Friendly, chatty, everyone happy to help each other
5/5 by Susan Hoff
Sandra is a nice lady. I did enjoy the company of the other ladies
4/5 by Miss Nola Gee
A very enjoyable afternoon. Achieved my goals with what I wanted to learn yesterday.
5/5 by Jan Oliver
I enjoyed the class and have decided to try the more advanced crochet class.
4/5 by Lynda Dyson
Worthwhile class
4/5 by Christine Walsh
Jo is an engaging instructor. She is organizes the room and the running of the group so it flows nicely. Her positive, helpful manner makes learning fun.
4/5 by Jennifer Rodriguez
Jo is a great teacher. Patient, easy going and helpful. I just am so grateful I learned to crochet with her. I have tried to learn before and it was all too hard. I will try to do any classes that Jo teaches in the future. She is really an inspiration!!!! How lucky you are to have her.
5/5 by Suzanne Rose
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