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Come along to our fortnightly photo sessions to dust off your camera and get snap-happy with a professional photography instructor.
Brush up on your camera skills and learn new photography techniques whilst on a casual photo walk with other local photographers. No formal lectures, just a chance to meet-up, share ideas and receive feedback!
Saturday the 24th of November 2018
Sunset Photography - Woody Point at 4pm
We’ll be soaking up that stunning golden hour light in this session all about sunset photography. Bring along your tripod and take some amazing photos with the guidance of the photography instructor. We recommend you bring a tripod for this session.
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We have a different photo theme each fortnight and the two hour sessions take place in different outdoor locations across Brisbane. Great opportunity to try something new with the guidance of a professional photographer, and come away with some new shots for your portfolio or album.

Complete beginner? We recommend starting with the Photography for Beginners Class, which is a 3 hour structured workshop where you’ll learn the basics of using your camera with more 1-on-1 time with the instructor.

Looking to learn more? Come along to the group sessions, which are more casual and informal than other workshops, and with more time to take photos and put your new skills into practice.

What to bring? We recommend bringing a camera that has full manual mode or semi-manual modes (Aperture or Shutter Priority). Compact cameras and smartphones also welcome!

What’s involved? Each session starts with an introduction to the fortnight’s theme, and the photography instructor will chat about the camera settings and techniques to use. You’ll then have time to take lots of photos, with the instructor present to answer any questions. You’ll receive feedback and have a chance to chat with everyone to share tips and ideas. We’re a social bunch!

Join the Brisbane Photography Facebook Group here to share your photos after the session and to take part in our free, fortnightly competitions!

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Upcoming Dates
Saturday the 24th of November 2018
Sunset Photography - Woody Point at 4pm
We’ll be soaking up that stunning golden hour light in this session all about sunset photography. Bring along your tripod and take some amazing photos with the guidance of the photography instructor. We recommend you bring a tripod for this session.
Refund Policy: Full refunds given with 5 days notice. Dates can be changed with 3 days notice.
Photo by Daniel Chabierski
Photo by Daniel Chabierski
Photo by Daniel Chabierski
Photo by Daniel Chabierski
4.6/5 from 139 reviews
As always challenging and encouraging.
5/5 by Judy Draper
Was really enjoyable. Lots of colour around chosen location and really friendly people
4/5 by Paul Warren
I enjoyed the workshop, I suppose that way the class was presented as a framework for a storyboard was interesting, and while I generally have a plan for a photoshoot I don't often think as a story. So that was good.
4/5 by Robert Molan
I always find Claire sessions challenging and learn a lot from them
5/5 by judy draper
Always very informative with Claire and Catherine
5/5 by Judy Draper
I really enjoyed the day, especially how we are made to dig deep and really put thought into what we are photographing. Really worth attending.
5/5 by Ruth Tomlinson
It was a great night. I was suprised when we were split up and sent out on our own rather than communicate as a group. However it did allow us to be individually creative.
4/5 by Ruth Tomlinson
Great fun night, lots happening thus the ideal location for night scenes and raw action!! Claire's guidance is encouraging and always supportive in feedback . Having a specific brief pushes me through some boundaries and helps me get to know my camera more as well. Look forward to more night classes!
5/5 by Fiona Parks
4/5 by Richard Savio
Claire was very good and her suggestions where very helpful. Great afternoon
4/5 by Perry Stone
Great location.. .. Good brief_ made us think about our purpose and perspective... the second part " looking through" however, was hard and perhaps fell short of time to achieve...
4/5 by Fiona Parks
Love Claire she is an inspiration. Lots f fun and learning with the other participants
5/5 by Karen Jackson

5/5 by judy draper
It was my first group and it was great very organised
5/5 by Toni Vaughan
Felt challenged and encouraged to be creative
5/5 by judy draper
Really good. Claire explained the use of whit balance very well by the way of demonstration. I like the way she sets tasks that allow for the practice of new knowledge.
5/5 by John Butler
Small group. Really casual atmosphere. Claire is really helpful. She steps through some photography points / techniques before we set out to achieve ! Claire roams around with us - offering helpful tips and feedback though out the session.
4/5 by Fiona Parks
I love the challeng set to take a series of photos that tell a story. The advice and knowledge shared by Claire was as usual, inspirational.
5/5 by John Butler
Excellent, Claire always comes well prepared with a focus in mind. Explanations are clear and easy to understand. She provides excellent feedback and offers great suggestions on how to improve my photopraphy
5/5 by John Butler
Absolutely learnt so much. Clare is patient and enthusiastic inparting her knowledge.
5/5 by Karen Jackson
My father and I really enjoyed this event. Claire was extremely helpful and we went away feeling like we had learnt some good skills.
5/5 by Catherine Wells
The meet-ups are just the best: fun, informative and great to meet such talented, likeminded people. Claire (Brisbane meet-up tutor) is such an inspiration!
5/5 by Cat
The event itself was well planned and the facilitator was an excellent communicator - always willing to help - the group participants were all friendly!
5/5 by Rosemary Featherstone
Great session. Claire was gave invaluable advice and insights into how to improve my photos.
5/5 by John Butler
Excellent. Great tips and advice. Claire works well with all participants and gives positive feedback.
5/5 by John Butler
Claire was great she enabled me to learn and practice new skills. Her critique of photos was constructive providing suggestions for improvement. A totally enjoyable event.
5/5 by John Butler
Claire was able to show us some motion blur techniques which we then practiced with her support. She spent time with everyone as individuals and as a whole group where she discuss and demonstrated the techniques. She also spent time discussing our photos with us individually and prompting us to try something different. Overall I found this experience very informative and helpful. Thank you Claire.
5/5 by Debbie Kiehne

4/5 by Sharon Beeston
By the end of the macro meet-up, I had sore feet, new friends, lots of inspiration and some new tips to try next time. The perfect day, really!
5/5 by Cat
Good advice from Lachlan redarding taking reflections and stacking the elements of the photo to give it depth. He provides ideas that would improve a photo. Good group, friendly and willing to share.
4/5 by John Butler
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