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Teenage Photography Class      Melbourne
Hosted by Photoh.com.au
Aged between 12-18 and love photography? This workshop will show you all about how to use your camera settings and get creative with your photography. Class Time: 10am - 1pm
• Duration: 3 hours
• Meeting point: Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

You’ll learn to use all the functions on your DSLR camera, and how to give your photos a professional quality. If you want to pursue a career in photography, this is a great class to kickstart your portfolio.

Taught by professional photographer Alli Harper, the class will cover a range of technical aspects and you'll learn about:
• Aperture and depth of field
• Using shutter speed
• How to correctly expose photos
• Using composition techniques
• All about different focal lengths
• Using white balance and colour

This is a very hands-on class, so you’ll have plenty of time to practise your new skills on the day and take lots of shots!

What to bring?
A DSLR camera, or a camera with manual mode is preferable, but you may bring any kind of camera (with detachable or built-in lens). Please also be sure to bring plenty of memory cards and fully charged batteries. There will be a substantial amount of hands-on activity involved on the day, so please wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella should the weather call for it.

What's involved?
The three hour session will start with an introduction, before a series of mini challenges to help you get to grips with using your camera's settings. Class sizes are kept small (max 6 people) so each participant will have a chance to interact with the professional photographer on a one-to-one basis.

Join the Melbourne Photography Facebook Group to share your photos after the session and to take part in our free, fortnightly competitions!
If you'd like to book for a date that's not listed we can arrange a private class or group class to suit your needs.
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Refund Policy: 5 days notice required for a full refund. Re-scheduling requires 2 days notice. In the case of bad weather (heavy rain) the class may be cancelled and you'll be given the option of rescheduling or a refund. If you need to reschedule or refund your booking, then please contact the office using the form here . Your instructor is NOT able to refund or reschedule your booking for you.
Photography Class for Teenagers in Melbourne
4.6/5 from 34 reviews
It was educational. All was great. I enjoyed having the "one on one" and I definitely feel like I've learnt a lot. The time frame was good. The location was amazing, there were lots of great photos I could take. Thank you.
5/5 by Alexia Sertis
Great my daughter really enjoyed it
5/5 by Ruby Davidson

5/5 by Sarah Allison
It was a useful class to take as it gave me more knowledge of my camera and it's functions. I also think the class size was was good because it was easier to ask questions and talk to one another.
4/5 by Jamie Arndt

5/5 by Sue Morrell
It was really fun and helpful. As a beginner photographer, I learned a lot about my camera and about getting good shots. The session ran for a good length of time, and the choice of location (the Botanic Gardens) was great. I would definitely recommend this course to other teens :)
5/5 by Ashlin Lyons
Great teacher and a very beneficial day! My daughter keeps thanking me for organising this as her christmas present. She really enjoyed the class and has been attached to her camera ever since!
5/5 by Lucy Pring
My daughter had a really great time ans learnt a lot about how to hse her camera. Ally was a lovely teacher. Thanks so much
5/5 by Amber chamberlain
Alli was a great! I learnt a lot about how to use my camera properly
5/5 by Dionne yiangoulli
informative, friendly, great location
4/5 by Max Redman
I enjoyed it. It helped give me a more advanced understanding of the camera
5/5 by Josh Munday
Alli was a great teacher and explained everything in simple terms for my daughter and myself. The Botanical Gardens was a great place to be to find subject matter and experiment with the light.
5/5 by Anne Adams
Alli was a great teacher and Gisele learnt a lot . Hopefully there will be more teen events
5/5 by Gisele Forsyth
very helpful when my daughter experienced technical issues!
5/5 by Wendy stanley ( for Kira Stanley)
It was heaps of fun and I would definitely do it again!
4/5 by Joan Chuang
My daughter had a great time and learnt so much. Kate was a fantastic teacher and related so well to the kids.
5/5 by Caitlin Miller
It was great, I learnt a lot and I was really interested in what we were learning. I would gladly do it again and learn different things maybe more advanced.
4/5 by Joan Chuang

4/5 by Caroline McLelland
Thought it was very knowledgeable and fun and I learnt a lot about composition of photos
4/5 by Bennett Symons
It provided me with knowledge about the settings on the camera, and added that little bit more photography opportunities, practical based, that we all want.
4/5 by Sophie Roth

4/5 by James Tetlow
-The points you said were very informative and I could understand them all. - You let us take pictures when ever we saw something that drew to our eyes. -You had a fun positive additude towards photography and teaching the main points so we could produce the greatest picture possible.
5/5 by Sasha Dimitrovici
I thought it was a very awesome time and I had heaps of fun! There were very nice instructors and an awesome spot to take photos.
4/5 by Athena Heater 👑
I really enjoyed being able to learn how to use a camera. I liked how we had group discussions and then were able to take photos at our own leisure by putting the knowledge learned into practice. I also appreciated the advice given by the leader when I was taking photos.
4/5 by Kate Campbell
Ii was very imformative. Pity about the weather
4/5 by Katie Avramopoulos
It was fun and informative. It helped me refine some of my photography techniques
4/5 by Maddison Sargeant
i thought it was very good i learnt a lot and had fun while doing it, i met new people and made friends.
5/5 by Charlotte Marshall
Lots of opportunity to practice with the camera. Beautiful location at the botanic gardens.
5/5 by Alia Schmidt

4/5 by toula
Amazing I learn so much
5/5 by Shannon Ryan
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